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January 14 to February 19, 2011

Negative Litanies


press: ArtSlant | Chicago Journal | Hammer Smashed Sound

Terence Hannum's drawings, paintings and video installations cull the periphery of heavy metal and hardcore music subcultures to analyze the nexus of music, myth, audience and ritual. In addition to the above work, Hannum is a prolific zine maker and for his show in Western Exhibitions’ Gallery 2, Hannum will present a box set of 12 zines, all made in 2010, as well as drawings, paintings and other work that inspired the publications.

Exemplifying the DIY spirit inherent in the scenes he’s documenting, his use of the zine relates to the format’s origin, that of the self-produced fanzine. Hannum recontextualizes elements of his drawings, paintings, installations and even sound work in his zines, at times documenting the above works, but also casting new narratives intrinsic to the multi-page format.

Every month in 2010 Hannum produced a new zine, each one taking a different format, maximizing the possibilities of the cheaply printed page. He achieves remarkable textures, surfaces and images through seemingly simple combinations of toner on white, black and gray papers. Every subsequent zine ups the ambition from the prior one, as Hannum experiments with color xeroxes, collaborations (with New York artist Scott Treleaven and Chicagoan Elijah Burgher), vellum, sealed wax covers, obi bands and mini-CDs. Hannum pushes the zine to its extremes, much like the extreme sonic scenes he’s documenting and influenced by.

This is Terence Hannum’s first solo show at Western Exhibitions. In the fall of 2010, he presented solo shows at the Richard Peeler Center on the campus of DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana and at Peregrine Projects in Chicago. Other solo shows include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Light & Sie in Dallas, 40000 in Chicago and The Suburban in Oak Park, Illinois. His collaborations with New York-based artist Scott Treleaven have been shown at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago the The Breeder in Athens. Hannum’s work has been written about by Dennis Cooper on his blog and discussed in Artnet, Beautiful/Decay, Bad at Sports, New City, the Dallas Morning News, the Chicago Tribune, ArtUS and Punk Planet. His zines and publications are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Indiana University, Herron School of Art and Design, Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University. Hannum received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Chicago is where he lives and works

The Box Set contains the below titles:

New Rites
Black & White / Black & Black xerox zine,
8.5" * 5.5"
24 pages, Edition of 75

Recent drawings and some Xeroxes

Black Arts
20 black pages, with a xeroxed black vellum cover in a black envelope sealed with black wax
8.5" * 5.5"
Edition of 50

Recent drawings and xeroxes

Profaned Missive
Xeroxed silver cover with a black-on-black insert
8.5" * 5.5"
20 pages, Edition of 100.

Contains a screed against infidels with a oversized fold-out and pro-printed color copies of drawings.
Made for the first 100 attendees of Fan Death Records impending DNA TEST FEST III in Baltimore, MD.

Cataract of Fire & Blood
Full color zine in black envelope, stamped with wax
7" * 8.5"
20 pages, Edition of 100

Firelight in a pitch-black space. Sigils carved into ready flesh. "Cataract of Fire & Blood" is a collaborative effort by Terence Hannum and Elijah Burgher, pairing images by the artists that explore subculture and ritual. The title of the zine is lifted from a passage in William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell":
"beneath us was nothing now to be seen but a black tempest, till looking east between the clouds & the waves, we saw a cataract of blood mixed with fire, and not many stones' throw from us appear'd and sunk again the scaly fold of a monstrous serpent."

Temple of the Immortals
Xerox zine on black, white and gray papers. In black envelope with black xerox on the cover. With black & white sticker
5.5" * 4.25"
32 pages, Edition of 48

ATHANASIA. ETERNAL. Fifth in a series of zines, Temple of the Immortals is a compact collection of details of ritual drawings, performance spaces, and fragmented xeroxes of temple architecture in a compact edition.

False Bloods
black on white / black on black xerox and color laser print. Full color cover stock covers featuring four new drawings, xeroxed insides gone over multiple times in the copy machine, with a black on black print on the outside binding this missive together.
8.5” x 11”
28 pages, Edition of 47

False Bloods borrows from the misanthropic screed in Shakespeare's “Timon of Athens” to investigate the combination of amp worship, ritual and death by culling from the source material for my gouache drawings and layering them in the copying process.

Call & Response
color xeroxes with black on white / black on black xerox on paper and vellum
7" * 8.5"
34 pages, Edition of 200

Call & Response is a visual dialogue between Terence Hannum and Scott Treleaven. Over the course of one year the artists emailed back and forth, trafficking in images both personal and culled from their extensive archives. When the words were stripped away, what remained was a record of an excavation of their own peculiar belief (and disbelief) systems, overlapping and colliding throughout the conversation. Call & Response pays homage to their devotion to underground zines, nefarious causes, cults, hours lost and gained, corrupted architecture, and youth pinioned in agony/ecstacy. Hazy stills from videos and films carry over formal concerns and a similar tone of darkness that these two friends share, punctuated by drawings and scrawls, xeroxes and vellum.

Zine: Black & Black / Black & Gray / Black & White Xeroxes
3" CD (22min. piece)
In White Jewelry Box, sealed with a black obi band.
3.5" * 4.5"
24 pages, Edition of 45

Summoning combines drawings of candelabras, bonfires and stage lights copied on black paper with textural studies of analog tape, surrounding a core of pages documenting an analog tape sculpture installed at Peregrine Program in July 2010. Summoning introduces a deluxe package of a jewelry box adorned with drawings and sealed by a black obi band to house both the zine AND the addition of a 3" audio CD. The CD contains a the tape loop from the original installation with its brief vocal composition looping for over 20 minutes in a single track also titled "Summoning". Part document and part art object "Summoning" attempts a meditative position while examining the role of the rite and music.

Acts of Contrition
Black printing on black paper cover, and black and white inside
10" * 10"
32 pages, Edition of 150

Acts of Contrition was printed to accompany Hannum’s exhibition “New Rites” at the Richard E. Peeler Art Center at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana in 2010 and features most of the work in the exhibition. Acts of Contrition focuses on the live event, combining reproductions of Terence Hannum's drawings and for the first time in the series, his oil paintings, paired together into a dark narrative where the live event becomes the locus of myth, ritual and sacrifice. This locus is communicated by the view of the back of an audience witnessing a live performance, halos of stage lights, illuminations through sheets of fog, silhouettes of backlines with bonfires, candles and masses of hair in mid-headbang.

Resonant Void
Color printing on white paper w/ gray cover in sealed polybag
24 pages, Edition of 50
8.5" x 5.5"

Tenth zine in the series printed and published by Desiccated Husk, known for excellent zines and extreme music.

RESONANT VOID focuses on the throne, the axis, the seat, the center of the world - the drum, or for our purposes: the drumset. Here in these drawings the kits emerge from darkness juxtaposed with hazes of stage lights and geometric shapes. But always the void remains, next to some phrases culled from anthropological study of the importance of the drum in ritual.

Black & white Xerox on white paper w/ black trifold cover w/ black Xerox printing in vellum printed obi strip
30 pages, Edition of 40
8.5” x 5.5” with trifold cover at 8.5” x 17”


For the most part LEADLIGHT is a study of sacred windows, inverted, cut, chopped and reintegrated by ancient ritual instruments, X-acto, scissor, tape and Xerox. The spaces are transformed, profaned, desecrated, elevated and abolished. Forms repeat, echo and collide in the black & white Xeroxes. Framing this amalgamation are cropped Xeroxes on black paper pulled from Terence Hannum’s drawings. Normally these holy windows are above shrines of amplifiers or headbanging sentinels, yet here they are removed and presented away to enhance the solemnity of these decorations and portals.

A Collaborative Zine and CDR from Terence Hannum and Thomas Martin Ekelund
Black and White color xerox printing
w/ audio CDR in black xerox on black envelope
Inside of letter-pressed 7" Arigato Pack

24 pages
, Edition of 100
7" x 7"


Completing artist and musician Terence Hannum's year long monthly zine project, Heresies, brings Swedish musician and designer Thomas Martin Ekelund into the fold. The twelfth and final zine in Hannum's series functions much like a call and response on the fringes of some mystic quest culling content from Gnostic heretics to further interrogate the void where Ekelund would design a mystical sigil and Hannum would respond with an invocation in gouache.

Both accomplished musicians, Ekelund with his now defunct project Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Hannum with his solo work and contributions to Locrian contributed to the audio CDR. And the audio content is immense. An over thirty-four minute massive drone work out that does not fear melody or haunting ambience. "Heresies" was also built on a back and forth between Hannum and Ekelund with Ekelund on Guitar, Bass, Piano, Organ, iPhone and Field Recordings and Hannum providing layers of vocal chants, singing and profanations.

Heresies the zine and CDR also comes packaged in a deluxe fold-over 7" square letter-pressed Stumptown Arigato pack made of thick (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard featuring a work from both of the artists on letter-pressed onto its two sides. Letterpressed by Dexterity Press and hand assembled.